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Spiritan School of Philosophy

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The Official Structure

The officials of the school are grouped into Administrative and Academic Staff, and Formation Team.

The Administrative Staff comprise the Rector, the Vice Rector, the Bursar and the Dean/Registrar.

The Academic Staff Board comprise the Rector, the Dean/Registra, Full-time Lecturers, the Librarian.

The Formation Team comprise all the Finally professed Spiritans assigned to the school

The Administrative Staff

The Rector - Rev. Fr (Dr) Oliver Iwuchukwu, C.S.Sp.

The Vice Rector - Rev. Fr (Dr) Matthew Chukwuelobe, C.S.Sp.

The Bursar - Rev. Fr Nduka Oparah, C.S.Sp.

The Dean/Registrar - Rev. Fr (Dr) Gerald Ohaeri, C.S.Sp.

The Academic Staff Board

The Formation Team